Our Call Connection Services

We provide (for the benefit of consumers and users) a Call Connection Service, also known as a call transfer service that connects to "Hidden" or "Hard to Find" Contact Numbers.

Saving Time & Frustration

This Call Connection Service is not free. Freephone and/or landline numbers may be found on the organisations or companies websites.

Fast & Effective

This Call Connection Service is possibly one of the easiest and most effective methods to connect consumers to organisations, call centres or companies without having to spend a lot of time searching for and “digging” through websites to find contact numbers.

Pre-Tested Numbers

The Call Connection contact numbers published on CallConnectionService.co.uk make it easy and fast for consumers to connect to pre-tested numbers and in most cases effectively connects them to a human.

Calls to 0845 premium numbers cost £0.07 plus your network access charges.